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tabbing issue with the comboeditor

Hi there,

I have the weird issue with the tabbing order. Please see the attached picture. I have note down in PINK the tabbing order i needed. But when i set the tab index as the above, it tabs in the wrong way which shows in RED. It straight away jump from the "type" field (which is a combo) to "Address" field. and then it keeps on going in every field in that particular groupbox,  and then jumps back to the one before "type" field.

I read your other posts and even set the tabindex in groupboxes , but it doesnt seems to work!! its pretty annoying and i feel is it something in regards to the COMBOBOX tabindex??????


PLease let me know ASAP since I have been stuck in this for awhile and its an urgent requirement!!!

Let me know if you r unclear about the picture....

Waiting for a prompt reply!!!!!!

Thanks in advance!!

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