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DockableGroupPane - Flyout and Docked behaviour

Hi All,

I hope it is just a setting issue. I am using the UltraDockManager11.2 and create bunch of control in a dockable control pane. The idea is create the controls in each dockable control pane and let the user design their own screen as desired. 

I ran across an issue where I group bunch of dockcontrolpanes together and try to move all of them together when I dock. When I group together in a flyout window of one Dockable Control Pane it automatically groups together and I am able to move the whole grop. But when I dock the whole group in my form that group behaviour is gone and reverts to individual control behaviour. What I would like is a group behaviour irrespective of docked or flyout. 

Please see the attached image below for flyout and docked behaviour I mentioned above.