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DockableGroupPane - Flyout and Docked behaviour

Hi All,

I hope it is just a setting issue. I am using the UltraDockManager11.2 and create bunch of control in a dockable control pane. The idea is create the controls in each dockable control pane and let the user design their own screen as desired. 

I ran across an issue where I group bunch of dockcontrolpanes together and try to move all of them together when I dock. When I group together in a flyout window of one Dockable Control Pane it automatically groups together and I am able to move the whole grop. But when I dock the whole group in my form that group behaviour is gone and reverts to individual control behaviour. What I would like is a group behaviour irrespective of docked or flyout. 

Please see the attached image below for flyout and docked behaviour I mentioned above. 







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    Hello Shiv,

    Could you please try setting the 'ChildPaneStyle' property of the 'DockAreaPane' to 'SlidingGroup' or 'TabGroup' and see if it meets your requirements.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional assistance.

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