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Project upgrade

I need to upgrade an old project to 2009.2 version of winforms controls, due to the error described here:

But when I try to launch the upgrade utilities I get some errors that I cannot understand/solve, both using the utility and the vs plugin.

I will report below the error from the upgrade log file, anybody has any hint?

Thanks a lot


10:24:11: Running VS2010 Add-in UI Version 11.2.20112.1000

10:24:11: Gathering volume and assembly information.

10:24:13: ProjectFile element: AladinoSFA2\AladinoSFA2.csproj is being treated as a proj file.

10:24:13: Analyzing AladinoSFA2.csproj...

10:24:13: The project has references that need to be updated.

10:24:14: Could not load the project. Please see the Log file for more details.

10:24:14: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

10:24:14:    at Infragistics.VersionUtilitySupport.Core.File.Types.ProjectFile.CheckProjectForAdditionalFiles(Boolean isSLProject, Boolean isWP7, XmlNode node)

   at Infragistics.VersionUtilitySupport.Core.File.Types.ProjectFile.Analyze()

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