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UltraButton click event fired when not necessary


I'll try to describe my use case:

The Form1 contains an ultrawingrid that contains two colums:

- Flag (boolean)

- Text (string)

Into Form1 there is a registration on BeforeCheckStateChanged event (on "Flag" column editor, Infragistics.Win.CheckEditor). When this event occurs another form (Form2)  is showed.

Form2 contains one UltraButton (button1). Clicking on "button1" causes the closure of the Form2.

Now if the user tries to change, using the Space key,  the checkstate for a row ("Flag" column) into Form1 grid, the Form2 appears and disappears (i think this is a bug)  immediately because the "button1" click event is fired unnecessarily.

This behavior doesn't happen when the user changes the checkstate via mouse click on "Flag" column cell.

I've attached a sample project that shows the bug.

I'm using the version 2010.1.2105 (it means 2010.1 + HotFix n. 2105).

I've reproduced the same behavior with the trial version of 2011.2.

Thanks in advance.

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