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Excel like comment indicator on Cells


we have requirement to display an Excel like comment corner marker on the ultragrid cells. I know there isn't a built in way and I need to use a draw filter or a creation filter but I am not sure how exactly to get the bounds on the UIElements rectangle and what I need to draw/create in order to show the Excel like comment marker.

I have used the following code that I got from one of the forums:


 Private Function IUIElementDrawFilter_DrawElement(drawPhase As DrawPhase, ByRef drawParams As UIElementDrawParams) As Boolean Implements IUIElementDrawFilter.DrawElement

        If TypeOf drawParams.Element Is CellUIElement Then

            Dim cell = TryCast(drawParams.Element.GetContext(GetType(UltraGridCell), True), UltraGridCell)

            If cell IsNot Nothing AndAlso cell.Column.Index <> 0 AndAlso cell.Tag IsNot Nothing Then

                Using blueBrush As New SolidBrush(If(cell.Column.Index Mod 2 = 0, Color.Blue, Color.Red))

                    Dim rect = drawParams.Element.RectInsideBorders


                    ' Create points that define polygon.

                    Dim point1 As New Point(rect.X + rect.Width * 7 / 8, rect.Y)

                    Dim point2 As New Point(rect.X + rect.Width, rect.Y)

                    Dim point3 As New Point(rect.X + rect.Width, rect.Y + rect.Height / 4)

                    Dim curvePoints As Point() = {point1, point2, point3}


                    ' Draw polygon to screen.

                    drawParams.Graphics.FillPolygon(blueBrush, curvePoints)

                    'drawParams.DrawFocusRectangle(rect, Color.Red, Color.Red)

                    'drawParams.DrawBorders(UIElementBorderStyle.Raised, Border3DSide.All, rect)

                    'drawParams.DrawArrowIndicator(ScrollButton.Left, rect, UIElementButtonState.StateButtonDown)

                End Using

            End If


            Return True

        End If


        Return False


    End Function

I am drawing a polygon but that looks very rough and does not exactly sit on the top right corner. also when I resize the cells this just goes bad. I want the size to be constant.


Thanks in advance




Nasir Amin