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UltraTimeSpanEditor Shift-Tab does not move to previous control

When the user presses Shift-Tab while the focus is in an UltraTimeSpanEditor control, the focus does not move to the previous control.  Is the control supposed to work this way?  Seems like this could be a bug.  The tab key moves the focus to the next control, as expected.

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    Hi pabradley2000,

    This issue has been addressed in our most current service releases for both 11.2, (build 2089) and 12.1, (2024).

    To obtain the latest service release, please access your profile on the Infragistics website under the “Account” tab and choose the version that you intend to install the service release with 2012 Vol1 or 2011 Vol2, a list of available downloads will populate below the current pane which will include a group for Service Releases.

    If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please let me know.

    Chris K
    Developer Support Engineer
    Infragistics, Inc.

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