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Choosing what to exclude rather than include when using SaveAsXML


Hopefully this post may help others and act as a possible feature request.

What I am trying to do save a layout to the database (works fine) but not without filters. However to do this I clear the filters before saving, my problem then lies in restoring the filters after the save.

It would be handy if I did not need to clear them and just choose what to exclude rather than include the one thing I do want when saving with SaveAsXML.

To solve this I first tried making a copy of the old filter settings with the following line:

oldfilters = ugrScenario.DisplayLayout.Bands(0).ColumnFilters

To restore it after clearing and saving it using:


However nothing appears to happen. In the end I got around it by using another SaveAsXML the filter layouts option only to a file, clear the filters and load that file back in again. Seems like a sledge hammer to crack a nut but it does work as a workaround:

'Save the filters to a temporary file. 

ugrScenario.DisplayLayout.SaveAsXml(gDBfolderpath & "\Temp.xml", PropertyCategories.ColumnFilters)

'Clear the filters.



'Save the full layout to a file, or file stream in this case (ms).

ugrScenario.DisplayLayout.SaveAsXml(ms, Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.PropertyCategories.All)


'Restore the filters from the file and delete the file.

ugrScenario.DisplayLayout.LoadFromXml(gDBfolderpath & "\Temp.xml", PropertyCategories.ColumnFilters)

File.Delete(gDBfolderpath & "\Temp.xml")