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UltraGrid - Hide Headers

I was trying to hide the headers of the UltraGrid Band[1], which should be easy task, by doing this 

ugData.DisplayLayout.Bands[1].HeaderVisible = false;

but it didnt work, then i found this at the forum

 ugData.DisplayLayout.Bands[1].ColHeadersVisible = false;

which did work.

as a developer i am trying to understand the logic of everything thus to learn from every expiriance, so i asked my self  what is the difference of HeaderVisible  and ColHeadersVisible  properties.

so i found this :

and it says 

// You can also show the band header which by default is hidden by setting 
	// the HeaderVisible property to true.
	band.HeaderVisible = true;
after reading this it was obviuse now,  Band Header is the band name as a header above the whole band.  which is different then a Column header.
so searching google for "hide band headers" was incorrect and it should be "hide column headers" 
just if anyone was wondring the same as i did :)