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UltraWinGrid now supports IEnumerable<T> as child band?

We recently converted our application from Infragistics Winform version 2010.3 to 2012.1.  We are noticing that one some of our grids there are now more than one band where there wasnt before.  We are binding to a List objects.  But our object has a property that is an IEnumerable of another object.  For example:

public class Blah


      public int Id {get; private set;}

      public IEnumerable<BlahChild> Children


            get { return Ienumerable;}



Before (version 2010.3), the grid bound to a list of objects such as this does show a child band.  but with the new version it seems they do show.  I was just curious if this was a feature that was added at some point that i missed in release notes?  Thanks

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    Did you also change the version of Visual Studio or the DotNet Framework you are working with?

    It's possible that this was changed in the grid, but I'm not aware of such a change if it was made. It might have been done as a bug fix, though, so it is possible.

    IEnumerable is a terrible data source to use, though, and there will many limitations and problems with using it in the WinGrid.

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