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Persisting Grid State

Anyone know how I can persist all of my existing application's grid states easily?  I'm trying to use SaveAsXml then load the state at the bottom of my grid's Initialize_layout event.  However, finding a good event to save the state is proving to be tricky.  For example, if I try to save the state from the AfterColPosChanged event it works fine. However, when the datasource gets changed (onLoad or anywhere after) it fires Initialize_layout.  Our Initialize_layout events have many grid state default settings already such as setting the VisiblePosition of a column which also causes AfterColPosChanged to fire and overwrites the user's custom state file.  I guess my question is, is there a way to tell if the AfterColPosChanged event was fired by the Initialize_layout event or by the user actually changing the position of a column manually?  Any suggestions or other places to save the grid state would be greatly appreciated!

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