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UltraChart DataSource Multiple Series

There are different ways about how the data of a Infragistics Linechart can be initialized. However, I would like to use its Property 'DataSource' and format the data before, since I already use this for other charts too.

So I would prefer this way:

UltraChart1.DataSource = myDataSource

Against this (Whole example with NumericTimeSeries is here)

Dim series1 As New NumericTimeSeries series1.Label = "Series1" series1.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-4), 12346, "Januar", True)) series1.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-3), 10000, "Februar", True)) series1.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-2), 14000, "März", True)) series1.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1), 18000, "April", True)) series1.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(10), 800, "Mai", True)) Dim series2 As New NumericTimeSeries series2.Label = "Series2" series2.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-8), 500, "Januar", True)) series2.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-6), 350, "Februar", True)) series2.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-4), 600, "März", True)) series2.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-2), 800, "April", True)) series2.Points.Add(New NumericTimeDataPoint(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(10), 800, "Mai", True)) UltraChart1.Series.Add(series1) UltraChart1.Series.Add(series2)

However, my question is of how to format the DataSource, that it actually shows up more than one series.

No matter what I try, I'm only getting one Series in the Linechart.

The result should look something like this

We are using an abstract of a datatable, which works fine for the other ChartTypes (PieChart, BarChart, etc.). A good example of how to achieve this, would really be appreciated.