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Floating Panes question

I am new at using the WinDockManager control so bear with me....

I have a windows forms app that has a main window.  What I am doing is allowing the user to add a picture box, for example, using the DockControls method below to the main form:

this.ultraDockManager1.DockControls(new Control[1] {pic1}, DockedLocation.Floating, ChildPaneStyle.TabGroup);

Since this is added as Floating, the user has the ability to move the control to whatever location on the form they want.  Ideally, this may or may not actually be a docked position managed by the WinDockManager.  I am using the code below when they 'freeze' the ActivePane and it basically freezes the pane in the current location even if it doesn't fit to one of the dockManager positions (top/left/right/bottom, etc).   

pane.Settings.AllowFloating = DefaultableBoolean.False;

pane.Settings.AllowDragging = DefaultableBoolean.False;

pane.Settings.AllowResize = DefaultableBoolean.False;

pane.Settings.AllowClose = DefaultableBoolean.False;

pane.Settings.ShowCaption = DefaultableBoolean.False;

This part looks great...until...the user moves the main form window and the pane is actually docked to a screen location and not to to the main form.  So my question is this, is there a way to 'free form' dock these panes using the dock manager so that the user can layout the panes making up the app anywhere they want?  Is this a parenting issue?  Can I assign parents to make this behave the way I want?  I want my user to be able to have the option to dock control panes in the traditional sense like top/bottom/right/left OR 'freeze' a pane to any location they choose on the main form.

Any help is appreciated...



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    The UltraDockManager does not support this functionality, so it would need to be implemented manually. I wouldn't recommend re-parenting anything because the dock manager may change this parenting or it might put the dock manager in a bad state. I think the best approach here would be to handle the LocationChanged event of the Form and update the FloatingLocation of the DockAreaPane to so it is always at the same offset from the Form's location once it has been 'frozen'

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