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UltraWinGrid Child Parent relationship

I have an ultrawingrid which column i need to bind with ultradropdown. The condition is that dropdown binding happen with which table that already referenced with another table.

like i want to show covTypeDescription which came from covType table that have a reference in extentionofcov table and grid showing extentionofcovgroup table   using that extentionofcov column in displaying one of its column.

extentionofcovgroup have Id of extentionofcov and

extentionofcov have id of covType

In grid i want to diaplay covTypeDescription.

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    Hello Shikha,

    There are different approaches to solve this task, but maybe the easiest way could be if you are using UltraCombo control like EditorComponent in your Grid`s column. The UltraCombo control will display your dropdown items from covType table:

    ultraCombo1.DataSource = covType;

    ultraCombo1.DisplayMember ="covTypeDescription";



    ultraGrid1.DataSource = extentionofcov;

    ultraGrid1.DisplayLayout.Bands[0].Columns[2].EditorComponent = ultraCombo1;

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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