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Setting the width, not the height

I am using the WinDesktopAlert as a popup over a record to alert the user of related information when selecting a customer (such as credit limit reached, open payments etc.). So I am using ScreenPosition to position the alert over the customer record on the screen.

The amount of text varies with each record and can be fairly large and looks very silly (narrow and heigh) when displaying a large amount of text. Therefore I need to set the width but the height should still be automatic.

Now as far as I can see you can only use fixedSize but there you need to set both the width and the height and I cannot determine the height (or can I?).

Is there a solution for this.

If not, what other control would be suitable for this?

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    Hello Michel,

    One possible solution could be if you are using for exmaple:

    ultraDesktopAlert1.FixedSize =new System.Drawing.Size(900, 0);

    By this way you will set only the width of your AlertWindow and will keep the default height

    Maybe another suitable control could be if you are using UltraMessageBoxManager.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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