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Plugin architecture - different versions of Infragistics WinForms in same process?


we are developing an application which allows to integrate plugins which are developed by other parts of our company or even external companies. We are using a particular version of Infragistics WinForms - however Infragistics types are not in the interfaces that we use to interact with the plugins. So in general plugins could use Infragistics, too, without running into the danger of Invalid Cast Exceptions.

For the purpose of this question pls. disregard the deployment question (plugins overwriting each others or our Infragistics assemblies). Consider that to be solved.

The remaining question is: are there other issues that I should expect in such a context? Some initial tests I did where rather promising - but that was of course not really comprehensive.

How are global settings like styles etc. handled? Will I see "cross-talk" between the different versions? Will this depend upon how different the versions are (different build vs. different major release)?

In case there are issues to expect: what other options do I have to support a plugin architecture as described? Ask plugin developers to use another UI lib?



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