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Document export to PDF scaling

Is it possible to shrink a grid's width so it will fit the paper size specified during an export?

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    Hello Kenneth,

    Could you please give us more details about your scenario to export the grid in PDF file, because there are few different approaches.

    Option 1: using  ultraGridDocumentExporter1:

    In this case you could set AutoSize = SizeColumnsandRowsToContent property

    Option 2: using Documents.Report:

    In this case you could modify the settings below :

    report.Preferences.Printing.PaperSize = Infragistics.Documents.Reports.Report.Preferences.Printing.PaperSize.Auto;

    report.Preferences.Printing.PaperOrientation = Infragistics.Documents.Reports.Report.Preferences.Printing.PaperOrientation.Auto;

    report.Preferences.Printing.FitToMargins = true;

    Infragistics.Documents.Reports.Report.Grid.IGridColumn column = grid.AddColumn();

    column.Width =new Infragistics.Documents.Reports.Report.RelativeWidth(20);

    column = grid.AddColumn();

    column.Width =new Infragistics.Documents.Reports.Report.FixedWidth(100);

     Option 3: using UltraGirdPrintDocument:

    In this case you could try to set

    ultraGridPrintDocument1.FitWidthToPages = 1;

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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