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AutoCompleteMode SuggestAppend

I am having a little issue with the SuggestAppend option for a drop down, to do with upper and lower case entrys.

So for example, I add an entry in this list with the value 'BOB'. The user then wants to add another item with the value of 'Bobs'. However, it won't let them and insists the 'BOB' part should be in upper case. No matter how they try to edit it, so they end up with the entry of 'BOBs' not 'Bobs'. I know technically they should not be mixing their case like that but unfortunately being users they do.

Any way of allowing the user to override the suggested case? I tried setting the auto complete mode to just 'Suggest' but this does not appear to work for dropdown style.

I should note that the AutoSuggestFilterMode is set to 'StartsWith' if that has anything to do with it?



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