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Hidden unhandled exceptions


I don't know if this is entirely isolated to the grid or even infragistics controls, however I have only seen on infragistic grids.

Is there any reason the ide be it 2010 or 2013 ignores some error thrown by the grid at runtime? This happens on both development machines.

For example, the following line would fail with an un-handled exception, if there are no columns set up which is to be expected.

ultraGrid.DisplayLayout.Bands(0).Columns(0).FilterOperandStyle  = FilterOperandStyle.Disabled

However if I run the application through the ide with this code included it don't show an error, when I would expect to see an unhandled exception. So this means I don't know its not working. If I run it step by step it just simply jumps out of the code at that line without saying why. As you can imagine it means simple errors get missed at development stage and are only picked up later when the application is tested outside the ide, it also can make it difficult to work out why something is not working when debugging. I know one solution could be write try catches around every line of code but that seems over the top don't it?

Is there an option to make the ide present the error like it should do? Any errors with windows controls or any other code give unhandled exceptions as expected when they should, which is why I think this is specifically related to Infragistics controls and am not bugging Microsoft with it.

It also does the same when a column with an invalid key, for example column "code" has not been set up/exist.

ultraGrid.DisplayLayout.Bands(0).Columns("code").value = "1234"

Any ideas? Is it just us, I don't see anyone else reporting this.