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WinSchedule UltraDayView - New & Old version running concurrently, De-Serialization of Appointments not Working

Hi All,

Wondering if you can shed any light onto the following issue I am having with WinDayView (or CalendarInfo)

I have an WinForms application running .NET 2.0 framework using Infragistics Win 8.3

I am trying to update this application .NET 4.0 framework using Infragistics Win 14.2

The upgrade was pretty smooth with only some minor behaviour differences that I needed to code around but I do have a problem trying to run these two version concurrently (different computers but same environment). We wanted to do some testing to see how the two would co-incide and whether there would be any migration issues etc.

Please note: We are using ADO.NET databinding to DataSet/Datatable objects. We are using the "ALLPROPERTIES" binary binding to store an "ExtendedAppointmentInfo" Class in the Appointment.Tag. The "ExtendedAppointmentInfo" class has NOT changed at all between these version. It is not an external DLL, it is built in to the standard assembly. So I guess from that perspective, the assembly version number (semver) and CLR runtime versions have changed.

This is the current state of play;

  • Existing Appointments created in "OLD" version of the application appear in the new version and appear to deserialize ok.
  • Newly Created Appointments created in the "OLD" version of the application continue to appear in the new version


  •  Newly Created Appointments or Edited Appointments in the "NEW" Version of the application do not appear in the "OLD" version of the application.
    • These newly created and/or edited appointments despite them being stored correctly into the database and contained within the CalendarInfo Binding Source do not appear in the "CalendarInfo.Appointment Collection"

I suspect this is something to do with Serialization, because if I go to the database and clear the "ALLPROPERTIES" binary field the appointment then appears. the problem however is that much of the other appointment information is gone also. Not a suitable workaround.

Having Read the following article I do not see anything in my "ExtendedAppointmentInfo" object which contravenes the suggestions within -

I can only assume that something has changed in the base Appointment Object which DOES not deserialize correctly in the .NET 2.0 Framework or the Infragistics Win 8.3 control.

  • Are there any suggested workarounds or fixes?
  • Can you guys categorically rule out the ExtendedAppointmentInfo class as the source of the problem? does it need to be extracted to its own assembly and remain marked as CLR2.0 ? 
  • Or can you confirm to me that something has changed in the base appointment object which fundamentally does not allow for serialization/deserialization between either the different .NET framework versions or the different Infragistics versions?

Thanks in Advance!