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Moving columns within group, prevent verticle stacking behaviour

I am trying to prevent certain column moving within a group when using "Row layout within groups". I have turned on within group only which prevents me moving the columns outside of their group, good. However, there is no option to prevent the moving of a column to a different vertical position within that group, but allow moving it horizontal. See below for what I mean.

I have tried controlling it with the following code, but it only prevents me dropping the column below but not above...

Private Sub ugrStaffing_BeforeColPosChanged(sender As Object, e As BeforeColPosChangedEventArgs) Handles ugrStaffing.BeforeColPosChanged

If e.PosChanged = PosChanged.Moved Then

If e.ColumnHeaders(0).Column.RowLayoutColumnInfo.OriginY > 0 Or e.ColumnHeaders(0).Column.RowLayoutColumnInfo.OriginY < 0 Then

e.Cancel = True

End If

End If

End Sub



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    Verified Answer



    You should set AllowRowLayoutColMoving  to AllowOriginXChange


    e.Layout.Override.AllowRowLayoutColMoving = Infragistics.Win.Layout.GridBagLayoutAllowMoving.AllowOriginXChange;


    Please let me know if you have any further questions.