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Saved Grid Layouts that I hvae had for years are now not working

Does anyone know what changed in 15.1 that would cause my tried and true saved grid layouts to not work anymore?

I have ben letting my customers save grid layouts sine I started using Infragistics about 6 years ago.

With the update to 15.1, many of my customers have been getting errors when trying to load their grid layouts. I even had to write code to just delete the layout if it couldn't be loaded.

Could it be that there are some features that have changed enough to invalidate layouts saved from years ago?

We have always used the binary file for the layout, but I am now switching to XML because there no way for me to fix problems in the binary files. Seems like around the same time, a good number of customers have been reporting an increase in the Red "X" on the UltraToolbarsManager, which in my gut, I feelw has something to do with the saved layouts and the grid