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Is it possible to specify a StyleSet on an UltraTreeNode?


I have an UltraTree which displays some data. I want to change the BackColor of some nodes according to its value.

I can do it "statically" in the InitializeDataNode event like this:

void tree_InitializeDataNode(object sender, Infragistics.Win.UltraWinTree.InitializeDataNodeEventArgs e)
      SomeDataClass data = (SomeDataClass)e.Node.ListObject;

I would like to know if there's a way to load a styleset for the node so I can have a StyleLibrary with an "OverLimitNode" StyleSet and have it applied to this nodes.

The UltraTree has a StyleSetName property but i couldn't find this on the UltraTreeNode. There's only StyleLibraryName and StyleResourceName in the Override.NodeAppearance property of the node.

Thanks in advance!

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    StyleLibraryName has to do with Application Styling and it's only available on the control level, not for any individual parts of a control. 

    So you pretty much need to do what you are doing. You can, however, make it a bit more efficient. By assigning the BackColor of the NodeAppearance, you force each individual node to create a new Appearance object. But since they are all using the same BackColor, you could just use one. 

    So you could declate a form-level Appearance variable and set it's BackColor to red, then set the NodeAppearance to this single Appearance object. It won't save you any code, but it will save you a lot of overhead.