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App crashing using XamLinearGauge on a Uno app targeting WinUI for desktop

Repro steps:

- install uno dotnet templates (

- run "dotnet new unoapp-winui" to create new solution

- set winui package project as startup (I unloaded all the other head projects)

- add nuget ref to Infragistics.WinUI.Gauges library

- add XamLinearGauge to MainPage (inside the existing Grid)

- Run app and mouse over the gauge 

Expected behaviour: app runs without crashing

Actual behaviour: app crashes when mouse moves over the XamLinearGauge control, or when the window is resized

Two work arounds:

- set the height on the XamLinearGauge

- another fix seems to be holding a class level reference to the window that's generated in the OnLaunching method in app.xaml.cs I wasn't able to get any useful exception (managed or native) so not sure exactly the cause.