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Wierd persistence issues for SummaryRowSettings.SummaryDefinitionCollection

If I add SummaryRowSettings.SummaryDefinitionCollection to my xamGrid, I can no longer properly serialize and deserialize using the persistence manager.

I start getting exceptions (System.NullReferenceException) from InfragisticsWPF4.DataManager.v15.2 at Infragistics.SummaryDefinitionCollection.GetDefinitionsBySummaryExecution.

Please see the attached example.  My question comes in two parts.

  • Why is SummaryRowSettings added to my serialized data (see ColumnLayoutPersistenceSettings is minimal/


  • Given SummaryRowSettings is serialized, why when it is loaded do I get System.NullReferenceException

  The way to test is to first click "Save" and then "Load".   You may need to regen GridStrings.Designer.cs to get the project to run...

This persistence stuff is a bit frustrating  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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