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ContextMenu on Axis


I'm trying to set a simple context menu for an Axis within a XamDataChart:

<ig:XamDataChart Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="1" x:Name="ColumnChart" Legend="{StaticResource Legend}" Padding="10" HorizontalZoomable="True"                  

                         HorizontalZoombarVisibility="Collapsed" VerticalZoomable="True" VerticalZoombarVisibility="Collapsed" >

           <ig:NumericYAxis x:Name="ColumnYAxis" MinimumValue="0" Interval="1" Label="{}{}">
                          <MenuItem Header="Hola"></MenuItem>
           <ig:CategoryXAxis x:Name="ColumnXAxis" ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Cat, Source={StaticResource EnergyProductionCollection}}">

But when I right-click on the axis is not triggering. I tried attaching to the ContextMenuOpening event but it's not being triggered either. Could it be overriden by another event from another part of a control?

Thank you very much.


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