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[Issue]TextWrapping on xamDataGrid


We've a problem that a few PC can't showing the value completely when textwarpping is opened. They have same string which is "out of Range." If they changed the width of field to wider, the string "Range" still can't showing. But can showing the string "Range" if  narrowing the width of field.

 I did some tests for their PC like following:

  • Set textwarpping is noWrap:  The value will showing correctly.
  • Change the string "out of Range" to "out of range": The value will showing correctly too. 
Can you someone give some ideas about this? 


<igDP:Field Name="Description" Label="{x:Static resourceRepository:Resources.RMC_Model_WarningResultItem_Description}">
<Style TargetType="{x:Type igEditors:XamTextEditor}">
<Setter Property="IsReadOnly" Value="True" />
<Setter Property="TextWrapping" Value="NoWrap"/>