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How to save XamTileManager view


It's an example, just to describe my case :

I work at an automobile repair shop.

I have a list of cars and an unique list of issues to solve.

Each car and issue are unique, so a car can have a different issue than another one.

So I have a List<Car> Cars and Car.Issues.

For the control, if an issue is solved, the xamTile is collapsed. If an employee switch from one car to another one, issues states need to stay the same.

I try many things like PersitenceManager, PersistenceGroup and PersistenceInfo.

When I switch between cars, I save the state in the code behind, "alert" my viewModel and save it in my applicationContext.

I want to create a default context too, if a car hasn't been checked, a default view is here. At the opposite, if a car have already some fixs, I want to restore the state.

How I save this state ?

Thanks for your help


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