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Is SpinnerBarsBusyAnimationPresenter reuse possible?


I'd like to have alike busy indicators in both my window and a XamGrid's cell, so I have tried to use SpinnerBarsBusyAnimationPresenter directly in xaml. I was able to display a spinner, but didn't find a way to make it really spin. Played with some dependency properties, such as AnimatedProgressValue, again with no luck. XamBusyIndicator is too heavy to use as a cell busy indicator i believe, and it doesn't scale well to 16x16 without retemplating, which I'd like to avoid as much as possible.

Is there any way to use SpinnerBarsBusyAnimationPresenter outside of XamBusyIndicator?



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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for using Infragistics.

    Unfortunately the animation presenters cannot be used outside of the BusyIndicator itself out of the box. They were intended to be working with the BusyIndicator only. However you could easily make a presenter to start animating by moving it to an "IsAnimating" state. Since this is not officially supported use case and this is more of a workaround this could stop working with future versions of the product. Please find the attacehd sample illustrating how to get a BusdyIndicator in xamGrid(in case you decide to go this way) and on the right part of the screen showed how to start/stop SpinnerBarPresenter animating. For one of the approaches I’ve extended the presenter and put a IsAnimating property that you need to set to true to trigger the animation. And second spinner is a regular one(not extended like the top one) and just changing its states.

    By the way you could post a product idea at to propose this so product manager could look at it and if it gather some votes it surely would get considered.

    Please let me know if this helps or if you have further questions.
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