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xamSynatxEditor inside Scrollviewer


I need to place the SyntaxEditor inside a Scrollviewer. I am facing the Problem that I cannot click into the Editor to activate it and set the cursor position.

The Releasnotes of 15.1 suggest that there was a Bug like this that had been fixed in 15.1. I am using 15.2 so I should not have that Problem?

Anyone can suggest a Solution/Workaround?

I'll attach a minimal Project to Demonstrate the Issue.


Thomas Stüven
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    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for providing a sample!

    I have tried the sample with 15.2 product assemblies and the editor gets focus after I click it and I can enter text. The issue that you have mentioned is no longer reproducible.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions on this matter.

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