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Item width is not expected in ColumnSeries with CategoryDateTimeXAxis on XamDataChart

I was drawing a diagram with XamDataChart which has fixed start time and end time on X axis and value on the Y axis.

In my purpose, one value point will be added into the diagram in every minute. So at beginning, there is a empty diagram, but after several minutes, the ColumnSeries diagram will fill with items.

However, when I was trying to do this, I wondered that the width of each item is so large on the ColumnSeries at the beginning. Only at the end, when the diagram is full of item, the width is as expected.

I attach a demo for you to take a look. You can drag the slider at the buttom of the window to change the number of value point. Once you drag, you will find the less the point is, the larger the width of item is.

Is there any solution to let the item keep it width no matter how many points on the diagram?