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Nested xamTileManager


I wanted to nest one xamTileManager control inside another, but am having some difficulty.

The parent xamTileManager has a TileAreaSplitter and only 1 maximized tile is allowed. I have added another xamTileManager to this parents ItemTemplateMaximized as the last tiem vertically. Here are the problems I am facing

- If I align the child xamTileManager vertically and to the right, they hide behind the parent's tiles "minimized" tiles in the TileAreaSplitter

- When I maximize the child tile, it does not occupy the remaining vertical area in the parent xamTileManager. There are no restrications on the row height of the parent grid or the child xamTileManager.

- Is it possible to collapse the TileAreaSplitter to the side of the parent xamTileManager when the child is maximized?

- Is it possible for to hide the parent maximized tile when the child tile is maximized and show it again when the child is "minimized/restored"?