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XamOutlookbar different header when custom group class is used


when I want to use my own OutlookBarGroup class, the header at the bottom is drawn differently. See the attached picture.

Here is the source code:

 public partial class MainWindow : Window
        public MainWindow()

            Infragistics.Themes.ThemeManager.ApplicationTheme = new Infragistics.Themes.MetroDarkTheme();

            Groups = new ObservableCollection<OutlookBarGroup>();

            Groups.Add(new OutlookBarGroup() { Header = "Group 1", IsSelected = true });
            Groups.Add(new NavPanelGroup() { Header = "Group 2" });
            Groups.Add(new OutlookBarGroup() { Header = "Group 3"});

            DataContext = this;

        public ObservableCollection<OutlookBarGroup> Groups {get;set;}

    public class NavPanelGroup : OutlookBarGroup


How can I use the default style, when using my own OutlookbarGroup class?

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