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Dynamically show/hide totals


Is it possible to have show/hide the totals dynamically? Our users would like to do so by clicking a button.

We've been checking these posts:

It doesn't work very well. When we need to refresh the grid because the underlying data has changed and call PivotGrid.DataSource.RefreshGrid() the hidden rows come back.

We've tried to do the hiding/showing logic in the PivotGrid.LayoutUpdated event handler but we've noticed something else:

When the totals are hidden and we collapse any level, the level actually disappears until the we call again PivotGrid.DataSource.RefreshGrid(). This only happens when hiding the rows by setting IsVisible to false. If instead we do Height=0 this behaviour doesn't occur.

Is there a better way to handle this? Is it possible to avoid keeping hiding the rows in the LayoutUpdated event handler?


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