Multi-column collated sorting in the xamDataGrid

Is there an easy way to change the multi-column sorting shortcut key to "SHIFT" instead of "CTRL"?

With the xamGrid there was a property for this (MultiSortingKey="Shift")

But the only thing I found related to this in the xamDataGrid was an elaborate solution in code behind (found here: http://www.infragistics.com/community/forums/t/52917.aspx)...

I'm hoping that there is a simpler approach that is now available since that forum post was written.

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    Hello dbeavon,

    Thank you for providing a link to the thread you have referred to.

    In order to sort the XamDataGrid by multiple fields with the "Shift" key, I can suggest you is to use the approach from the thread you have referred to. Since by default the XamDataGrid can be sorted by multiple fields with the "Ctrl" key only, any other functionality would require a custom implementation (the sample from the specified thread can be used as a starting point).

    You can always submit a new product idea (or vote for an existing one) at http://ideas.infragistics.com/forums/192363-wpf.
    The product ideas site allows you to track the progress of your ideas at any time, see how many votes it got, read comments from other developers in the community, and see if someone from the product team has additional questions for you.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

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