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Dynamically Load Document Content to Specific TabGroupPane possible ?

I am in the process of building a RegionAdapter (Prism) for the xamDockManager TabGroupPane control. 

To add Document Content internally I am using the following:

 ContentPane newContentPane = _xamDockManager.AddDocument(item.ToString(), item);

 TabGroupPanes can  be empty initially.

When having only 1 TabGroupPane the RegionAdatper works fine (it adds the document to that TabGroupPane).

When having more than 1 TabGroupPane I am looking for a way to specify to which TabGroupPane the region content should be added. 

I notice by the sample provided in the xamFeatureBrowser, that is the TabGroupPane that holds the active contentPane. But in this case I need other way to specify the active TabGroupPane.

 Any idea ?