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Enabling AllowRecordFiltering on XamDataGrid located in XamTileManager is very slow (400ms -> 1100 ms)

We're rebuilding our application using WPF and Infragistics components. We have a tab control, and multiple tabs. Most tabs contain a XamDataGrid.

Tabs that contain a XamDataGrid are very slow to load. A few tabs contain a XamTileManager with multiple XamDataGrids. These are very slow.

XamDataGrids in seperate views do not cause this problem for us.

Note: I'm not referring to the initial slowness caused by loading dlls. The tabs are still slow after opening and closing multiple times.

After testing and eliminating, we found that setting AllowRecordFiltering to false speeds up the loading of the tab by a factor of 2-3.

We want filtering. Is there a workaround for this problem?

I have attached a demo-project showing the problem. Loading the view (with 6 xamdatagrids in a xamtilemanager) averages about 1100 ms on my machine.

Setting AllowRecordFiltering to false causes this to drop to 450 ms. This seems like a bug, but perhaps there is a solution?
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