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Styling of XamGantt


I am looking for a way to achieve following setup:

1. Completly hide the grid section including the splitter between Grid and Chart

2. Bind individual colors to each taskbar. Yes, I received an information how to get this done with a DefaultStyle - is there a simpler way?

3. Bind a text and show it above the taskbar or inside the taskbar.

4. Scale the Gantt chart that it shows the whole project: If one project runs for eg. 5 weeks I would like to show months, weeks and days. If another one runs for two years I would like to show only months. At the same time I would like to scale the whole project that i fits into the gantt diagram.

5. What is the motivation to make the property IsVisible on the TimescaleBand not a dependency property that it can be bound?


Nikolaus Kern