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Problem with FieldLayouts: each Child object gets an own FieldLayout in XamDataGrid

When using a hierarchical object I get an unwanted effect.

The parent object (Document) has for example three childs (DocumentLines). When expanding every line get an own FieldLayout.

The FieldLayoutInitialized event is triggered multiple times.

When using the FieldlayoutIndex 0 and 1 only the parents and one Child are displayed.

Also in the field chooser multiple Fieldlayouts are displayed.

What could cause this behaviour?


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    Hi Patrick,

    That's weird.  The XamDataGrid should be reusing FieldLayouts as long as the properties in the data match all the Fields in the FieldLayout.  What does your datasource look like (the class + properties structure) and what does your XamDataGrid XAML look like?

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