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WinForms Controls Out of bounds

We have a modular legacy application that we are migrating to a new Server/Client WPF MVVM. Our trouble is some of the older modules in our system have WindowsForms User Controls in them, and they aren't playing nice with the DockManager and TabGroupPanes. We are working on removing all of the WinForms from our system, but with only a couple developers that takes time, so we need to use the existing parts in the new system while they are migrated.

Everything in our system is dynamic, we have behaviours that populate the tabs and controls etc. All of our WPF User controls work correctly, but our WinForms User Controls are giving us airspace issues. As you can see in the image below, a WinForms control goes outside the bounds of the tab it's in. There is a scrollbar at the bottom that works correctly, it moves the entire control over, but I would have hoped this would not be an issue as the builtin tab control in .Net does not have this issue.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Offline posted

    Hi Stephen,

    This behavior isn't expected and I'm not sure what could cause it. Please provide a sample application that I can use to investigate what might be causing this to happen.

    If you would prefer not to upload your reproduction sample to the public forum, let me know and I will create a private case for you.