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xamlDataGrid grouping style with parent record as a group header

Infragistics sample browser contains an example of xamGrid / Data /Self-Referencing Data where grid shows employee hierarchy grouped/linked by direct reporting person. Is there a way to implement similar functionality in xamDataGrid with the following:

Data source contains items of the same data type and row data model has no children items. ParentID and LinkGroupID are available as below: 

We are looking for ways to minimize the space used for grouping. As there is always a parent/lead record in a group and only one level down, we expect this record to be a top item in a group with collapse/expand button on the left:

Other grouping options are available for users but no matter what other grouping is selected, our linked records go together.

If linked group is collapsed, parent/master/top record is expected to be displayed.

Thank you,