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Groupby DataTable for XAMDataChart

Hey guys,

I have a XAMDataChart i wanted to add a StackedColumnSeries.
So I filled a Datatable from SQL that has 3 Columns:

Team Betrag Monat
1 4638 Jan 18
2 450 Jan 18
3 2301 Jan 18
4 960 Jan 18
P 3340 Jan 18
1 3812 Feb 18
2 3128 Feb 18
3 2920 Feb 18
4 5147 Feb 18
P 2178 Feb 18
3 185 Mrz 18

Now I created a GroupBy:

            GroupBy grouped = new GroupBy();
            grouped.ItemsSource = dtTeamMonateGesamt.DefaultView;
            grouped.GroupMemberPath = "Monat";
            grouped.KeyMemberPath = "Team";
            grouped.ValueMemberPath = "Betrag";

But it stops with the error: AmbiguousMatchException. I'm not getting what does shall mean...

I just want the Monat as X-Axis. The Betrag as Value and Group that all by Team.

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    The best way for us to assist you is if you provide a small isolated sample that we can run and use for debugging locally. If you are unable able to provide an isolated sample I may be able to give suggestions if you provide the code for your page.