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Xamdatagrid Records and fields Backgroundcolor

Hi All,

I need some help. I am coming from the Windows Forms Ultra Grid and want to convert my my grid to the XAMDatagrid. The grid needs to update in real time.(Not the data in the grid but the X-green line and Y-Green Line). I've attached a project where I have a XamDatagird and 2 labels on.

I've gotten the grid to bind to the data and the labels have a binding to field that gets updated with a timer. The fields are:


2. RowIndex

Could you please assist me with setting the grid column and row backcolor for the above index values and update them as they change. I've tried using styles with data triggers but had no luck. The grid is fixed 16x16. 

I make use op the INotifyPropertyChanged on ColIndex and RowIndex. 

Please see the attached project.

This is what the grid will look like with ColIndex 0 and RowIndex 0.

When the Rowindex and ColIndex changes in realtime via the timer the green lines must move.

Any help will be appreciated.