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How to increase the width of the dropdown arrow in a segmented MenuTool?

Hi Team,

I have a MenuTool whose button type is set to Segmented. I believe that the width of the dropdown arrow is set to 14px. Is there some way I can change that width to say 30px?

Please find attached a sample.



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    Hello Nihar,

    Thank you for posting to our forum.

    In order to increase the width of the dropdown arrow in a segmented MenuTool you could just replace the arrow element with an image element and set its width .

    There are two way to achieve it:

    First in the code behind use Utilities class and get the child element of the ribbon menu using GetDescendantFromType method and add new image child element.

    Something like this:

    Grid grid = Infragistics.Windows.Utilities.GetDescendantFromName(igRibbonTest, "containerGrid") as Grid ;

    grid.Children.Add(new Image() { Source = new BitmapImage(new Uri("../../download.png", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute)), Height = 20, Width = 20 });

    or the another way is, in the Xaml code add the default style of the menu and modify it by adding a triangle image and set its width.

    I modified your sample application and attached it back for your reference.

    Please let me know if you need further

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