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XamDataGrid Drops the Last Letter in Some Fields at DPIs That Are not an Even Multiple of 100%

We have a XamDataGrid in our application that displays first and last names. We have found that when we run at a DPI of 125% (or any DPI that is not an even multiple of 100%), the XamDataGrid does not display the last letter of certain names. However, if we reduce the width of the column to require wrapping, when the name wraps, the missing letters appear. But when the width is expanded again, the missing letters disappear. I have not yet been able to reproduce this problem in a sandbox project.

Have you seen this problem before? Do you know what settings might be causing this? And do you have any suggestions for how we might fix this? I have included a screen shot with names Bob Johnson and Ben Peterson. The XamDataGrid truncates these names to Bo Johnso and Be Peterson. The screen shot illustrates how this looks normally and when the columns have changed to force wrapping.

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