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XamDataGrid: SelectedDataItem binding not working


for some reason the SelectedDataItem binding is not working. That property in the ViewModel is always null. I also tried to use the SelectedItemsChanged event, but it is also not fired. I don't know why. There is also no error message in the output debug window.

<igWPF:XamDataGrid DataSource="{Binding BrixItems}" SelectedDataItem="{Binding SelectedBrixItem, Mode=TwoWay}"

Attached is the source code.

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    Hello Markus,

    Thank you for posting in our forums!

    The default CellClickAction behavior is to activate the records.  The default selection behavior of the XamDataGrid allows selecting records with Ctr/Shift modifier keys or clicking the RowSelector.  This selection behavior mimics the selection in Windows Explorer.

    If you want to select records when clicking them I recommend setting the FieldSettings CellClickAction to SelectRecord like below:

    <igWPF:FieldSettings AllowEdit="True" LabelClickAction="Nothing" CellClickAction="SelectRecord"/>

    Please let me know if this helps.

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