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xamDataChart adding ColumnSeries dynamically with MVVM


I am using xamdataChart ColumnSeries with MVVM. I would like to dynamically add column series to the chart via MVVM.
I am having a multiselection combobox, each item in the combobox will add/remove a ColumnSeries to the chart when the user checks on the checkbox.

I saw a solution for this but it is quite old, from 8 years ago.

Can someone please upload a solution to achieve this?

Thank you!


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    Hello Christina,

    I noticed your post on another forum thread in which you had requested that the above-mentioned sample be re-uploaded. I have very recently uploaded it to the other forum thread, and for consistency, I will also attach it here. I believe in using it, you should be able to bind to the collection containing your series objects and add or remove them from the chart as you see necessary.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.