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Using TestStack.White on Infragistics controls

 I’ve been playing around with using TestStack.White to run automated test cases on Infragistics controls. I’ve come across an issue where while using XamDataGrids, TestStack.White is unable to obtain control of individual cells/elements within the grid and hence I’m unable to progress further with my prototype. Are there any plug-ins I could download or external libraries that specifically support TestStack.White with respect to Infra controls? Do you have any solutions for the above mentioned problem?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hello Sanjai,

    I am not personally familiar with usage of TestStack.White, but from reading their documentation, it appears that this is a framework that uses much of Microsoft's UI Automation functionality. As such, perhaps this forum thread on usage of UI Automated testing with the XamDataGrid will help you.

    Regarding any plug-ins or external libraries that will help specifically with TestStack.White with respect to Infragistics controls, there aren't any that Infragistics publishes, as we do not officially support TestStack.White. A recommendation that I will make if you are going to be doing testing on Infragistics controls is to use our Test Automation product for HP UFT. You can read about the Infragistics Test Automation product here.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.