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xamDataGrid: Apply data error style to individual fields / cells

Hallo there,

Is it possible to apply styles programmatically behind the code to individual fields or even to cells?

Currently I'm using a single DataErrorIconStyleKey that I added to the xamDataGrid.Resources.
It would be great though if I could set this at a field level depending on the type of data or even when the error is made depending on the type of error.

Many thanks,


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    Hello Karl,

    Please refer to Styling Data Errors document in our online help to achieve this. It walks you through the process of styling data errors in a way that the style and data template will only affect data errors in a specific field.

    To do this in code behind you would have to use the CellValuePresenterStyle property exposed by a Field object’s FieldSettings property.

    Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.