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XamSyntaxEditor - controlling tooltip text

How do we control the tooltip text as shown in the example below?  Thanks

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    Thank you for posting in our forums!

    Those error strings are stored in resx files.  You can override the resource strings using the Infragistics.Documents.TextDocument.RegisterResources() method.

    The particular string you are pointing out in the screenshot is using the key: Diagnostic_Error_UnexpectedToken

    Below are other some other strings you may want to change:

    <data name="Diagnostic_Error_Expected" xml:space="preserve">
      <value>{0} expected</value>
    <data name="Diagnostic_Error_ErrorNonTerminal" xml:space="preserve">
      <value>{0} is not correct</value>
    <data name="Diagnostic_Error_UnexpectedToken" xml:space="preserve">
      <value>Unexpected token '{0}'</value>
    <data name="Diagnostic_Error_UnrecognizedContent" xml:space="preserve">
      <value>Unrecognized content: '{0}'</value>

    If you have any further questions or concerns with this, please let me know and I will be glad to help.

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